Knightmare – The Visual Style of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

For over a decade, film director Zak Snyder has serenaded the silver screen with imaginative, overarching visions of majestic bone-crunchers such as 300, WatchmenSucker PunchMan of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although a capable craftsman with several expressionistic moments, dazzling sequences and inventive montages, Snyder’s consistent flaw is found in his preference for style over actual substance. Infusing very little depth into any of his films, Snyder has produced absolutely no great screenplays, stories or films to speak of.

With visuals being the single worthwhile trait of his feature films, the drive of Snyder work is longtime collaborator Larry Fong. Fong’s work, recently seen with his magnificently-photographed Kong: Skull Island, is the most striking aspect of Zak Snyder’s ambitious misfire Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, illuminating how striking the film might have been if it had been competently developed as a story.

This video is a slightly-modified clip of the “Knightmare” scene in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, giving glimpse into the visual marvel that Snyder & Fong brought to the project despite the lack of substance of any of their collaborations together.


The modifications includes increased contrast of the image, the inclusion of audio from Batman Forever & The Dark Knight Rises, and musical additions from Hans Zimmer & Max Quayle.

“1.3_3-betterthanm0rphine.aac” by Max Quayle (from Mr. Robot, season 1)
“Gotham’s Reckoning” by Hans Zimmer (from The Dark Knight Rises)
“The Red Capes Are Coming” by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL

– The Dark Knight Rises (Tom Hardy) – written by Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan
– Batman Forever (Jim Carrey) – written by Avika Goldsman


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