A Tribute to Peter O’Toole

Years prior to Leonardo DiCaprio’s win for the Academy Award for Best Actor (for 2015’s The Revenant), I had long saw DiCaprio’s name fervently mentioned among the “best actors to never win an Oscar.” I often scoffed at the assertion, not because of any doubt over DiCaprio’s abilities, but because of Peter O’Toole. O’Toole, an Anglo-Irish Shakespearean actor, was nominated a total of eight times between 1962 and 2006. His Oscar-nominated performances include Lawrence of ArabiaThe Lion in WinterGoodbye Mr. ChipsThe Ruling ClassThe Stunt Man and Venus. Despite a long career of strong performances, O’Toole never captured a competitive Academy Awards and to date holds the record of the most nominations without a win.


Peter O’Toole’s acting heft is that of legend. Well worthy to stand alongside the name of Sir Laurence Olivier, O’Toole helped provide a template for many of the greatest English actors that would follow him including Alfred Finney, Ian McKellen, Anthony Hopkins, Alan Rickman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Kenneth Branagh and Jeremy Irons. In tribute to the late acting legend, here is a video tribute displaying the full range of O’Toole’s mastery of diction:


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